Waimea Plantations


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We woke up to crowing roosters and rain the first morning. Even though we can’t film in the rain, we all loaded into our vans and headed to the Waimea Plantation cottages. God stopped the rain while we were driving over, and we were able to film Love at Home in front of a cute cottage house. After that we had a delicious lunch provided by the Plantation Cottages.  These people have been a really big help to us on this tour. When they found out what we were doing the manager told us that she had been dreaming of doing something for the local people and our idea of having a benefit concert got her really excited.  So excited that she offered to let us film at the cottages for free and even offered to feed our whole group . Praise the Lord! After lunch, we sang a couple songs for the staff (of course), and I know the Lord blessed them. In fact, they were so blessed that some of them were crying.  We felt blessed too.  After our meal we filmed Nearer Still Nearer and Make Me a Captive Lord under some of the plantation’s unique trees.Then it was back to camp to crack coconuts, eat supper, have worship, and fall into bed. In spite of it’s grey and rainy beginning we ended up having a near perfect first day of filming on Kauai.
    – Katie A.