Go Tell It on the Mountain – Strings and Choir



Language: English
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: 2008
Runtime: 43.1 min
Media Type: CD

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Go Tell it on The Mountain is our first project recorded and edited right here on our campus using our own equipment. Featuring beautiful selections such as “Beautiful Savior” and “The Hallelujah Chorus.” This Christmas album makes a wonderful addition to your holiday collection!

Each time I get up to sing or play I can’t help but become transfixed by the words that tell the story of Jesus! These songs have taught me about the life of Jesus and His mission in a way that nothing else has. I know the audiences share the same feelings that I do by the expressions that fill their faces. After one particular concert at my home church, I remember my church family and friends telling me how much they were blessed and how they loved the atmosphere of hope that our music brought.

Lion of Judah is my favorite piece because it reminds me that the mighty Redeemer became meek as a lamb for me. As I stand there singing, those words tumble around in my mind until I just can’t hold back the awe I have for my Savior!

Andrew Talyor, Age 17, Clarinetist and Vocalist, California

When Christmas comes to my mind, a whole collage of sights, smells, and memories fill my mind. Though all these recollections of Christmas are good, at times we can forget what’s so totally GREAT about Christmas! Christmas isn’t just a holiday. When we acknowledge and embrace the true meaning of Christmas, a special blessing is bestowed on us! Here’s how. Most people know, even if they don’t display it, that Christmas is a time to celebrate Christ’s birth. When we realize this, and look to Him and not ourselves during Christmas, we inevitably are drawn closer to Him. Here’s the salvation He gives, we can come to know our Lord in a much more meaningful way merely because we’ve spent the time with Him. May the Lord richly bless you as you glorify Him this Christmas season!

Robby Folkenberg, Age 15, Cellist and Vocalist, Tennessee

Song Titles:

  1. Go Tell It on the Mountain
  2. For Unto Us
  3. Birthday of a King
  4. Tiny King
  5. Stable Prayer
  6. Down from His Glory
  7. Lion of Judah
  8. The Heavens Declare
  9. Beautiful Savior
  10. Hallelujah Chorus