Singing on the Plane


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As she was picking up Nathan’s trash, the flight attendant asked him what he and the whole group of us on the plane were doing. Nathan told her that we were an orchestra and choir from British Columbia, and that we were on our way to Hawaii for a filming trip. When the waitress heard the word “choir”, her face lit up. “Nathan sweetie, would you sing me a song,” she asked. Nathan was reluctant at first but eventually sang. Moving on, the stewardess picked out a new victim; this time it was Nolan. It took a bit more nudging and prodding to get Nolan to singing, but he too succumbed. Ruth was next, and did a beautiful job singing her solo line for “I want Jesus to walk with me.” Someone then mentioned that Moses could sing. The stewardess was elated to hear this, and began trying to persuade him to sing.
But that wasn’t all. As the plane was preparing to land, we struck a chord and sang “Faith Unlocks the Door.” The stewardess was moved to tears. “I have never seen anything like this before.” she said. “You all have touched me greatly. Never, never stop singing and using your talents for God.”
Even before coming to our mission site of Hawaii, God had used us to touch someone’s heart.