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Our journey began with a hectic day of packing luggage and sac lunches. Around 2:15 Sunday afternoon, we loaded our busses and embarked on our arduous journey through the mountains of British Columbia to the rainy city of Seattle. After a quick couple hours of shut-eye on the floor of a church, we rose at 1:30 am to head to the airport.

We had tons and tons of camera equipment, filming instruments, and boxes of kitchen supplies and uniforms distributed among the group as our second carry-on to fly across the waters to the island of Kauai. As you can imagine, we took up a large section of the airport, with all our…stuff. We formed a loooong line to the baggage check-in and had many curious stares in our direction. Jessica Hall and others had various opportunities to share with the inquisitive onlookers about our orchestra and choir and the project we’re doing.

With little trouble, we passed through security, got on the tram, and headed towards our gate to board our flights. Some of us went from Seattle to San Francisco and to Kauai, and others went from Seattle to San Francisco to L.A., and finally on to Kauai. However long our journey, we all finally arrived safely. We were all cheering excitedly as the island came into view in our windows and we saw the jungle-covered mountains reaching towards the bright blue sky. As we walked off the plane into the open-air airport, we could feel the humidity on our skin and the smell of fresh flowers in the air. It was a very sweet and warm welcome. Upon arrival, we waited for our luggage as some staff went to get our rental vans for our cool caravan. Speaking of luggage, about 75% of the luggage that came off the carosel was ours. Once we got all our things, we loaded the vans and headed across the island and down a long, red-dirt road to the Adventist camp, nestled in the lush, green mountains.

It’s beautiful here and yes, as we sit here and write this post, we still cannot believe we are actually here!! After the months of planning and audio recording that seemed to never end, we are finally here. We are so grateful that God blessed and allowed this trip to happen, even with the disasters around the Pacific from the earthquakes. He has a plan and all is in His hands. Please continue to pray for us and check this blog for our frequent updates of our trip.

                                                                       -Jessica and Megan