Holding Back the Rain


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On Monday, we filmed at a beautiful garden. There were all sorts of exotic trees and flowers, and a little brook happily wove itself through the greenery. The abundant rain fall on this island is what keeps the garden so lush, but we can’t film in the rain, so, like we do every day that we film, we had been praying that the Lord would send good weather. However, the devil doesn’t like it when we work for the Lord, so he always throws us things that we don’t expect.
First of all, after we filmed the first song, I found out that I had to film the intro to Keep on the Sunny Side that afternoon, and I wasn’t ready. However, the Lord worked things out, and gave me just the right amount of time and resources I needed to write my speech, even though I ended up losing it and rewriting it three times. Then, when we finally started filming my intro, I couldn’t concentrate because I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. After we prayed, the mosquitoes went away, but the neighbors started mowing their lawn, so we couldn’t get clear audio. Finally, after we had filmed the very last song of the day, we came back to the same spot and tried again. Again we started with prayer, and this time everything went smoothly. We had just gotten the final take, when all of a sudden the clouds, which just minutes before had been providing us with the perfect lighting, let loose a torrent of fat rain drops.
I know that the work we are doing here in Hawaii is for the Lord, and when He shows His hand in such constant, obvious ways, it just makes me want to serve Him more. I’m so glad that we serve a God that holds and directs all the world in the palm of His hand.

-Katie A.