Ocean Side Filming


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One of my favorite places that we’ve filmed so far is the Lumahi’i Beach. Huge boulders of lava rock laid on the water’s edge and the bright blue waves swelled around them. It was also the location that I could really see God’s hand working in our behalf. We began our day with filming “In the Heart of Jesus/Be Still My Soul” on a lava rock ledge that extended out into the ocean. The tide was coming in, making waves crash against the rock behind us. The orchestra was seated on a rock area that would sometimes get flooded with the waves and wash across our feet. God answered our prayers by sending extra large waves for the perfect shots. Although we had beautiful, sunny weather all day long, dark cloud began to roll in towards the end of the afternoon as we filmed on the sand next to the water. The rain started to pour on us and we ran for shelter under the trees. Several of us broke into small groups and prayed that God would hold back the rain long enough for us to finish for the day. Just before we said “amen”, the clouds broke and the sun shone again on our beach. God held it back until we were almost done loading our equipment into the van. God is so good and cares for the little and the big things. Each answered prayer is a reminder that He is leading and guiding as we complete this filming project.