Not Just a Coincidence


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Last Tuesday morning, when we were making a fuel/bathroom stop on the way to filming, I got to talking with a women in line at the cashier. She had noticed my 14 female passengers who were making a beeline for the bathroom. As I briefly told her what we were doing here on Kuau’i, she became very interested. As the girls strode past, she noticed that one was recovering from a harsh sunburn. She explained that she was a doctor and that she’d be willing to help our group with any medical needs for free. When she found she didn’t have any business cards, I took down her phone number and thanked her for her kindly interest in our well-being.

While we waited for the last bathroom-goers to return, I told the others in my van about the nice doctor I had met, and of her offer to help us. One of the girls, Anna Fink, then told me of how she had sprained her thumb a few days earlier, and how it seemed to be getting worse, instead of better. She said her dean had told her that someone in our group would try to get her to a doctor later that day. I thought I would call this lady, whose name is Dr. Coleman, after we met up with everyone on the mountain.

But then, to our surprise, while we were still waiting for the last girls, up drove Dr. Coleman herself! She explained that she felt impressed to bring us her business cards from her nearby office. I told Anna to hop out and to have her look at her sprained thumb. After examining it, she suggested we follow her to her office so she could call a local orthopedic surgeon to see if he could check it out. At her office, as we got aquainted with her daughter who is her office nuse/secretary, Dr. Coleman called and found out that the soonest the orthopedist could see Anna would be the next day. She suggested that her daughter could take Anna over to the nearby hospital to get her thumb x-rayed.

So, after giving Anna our medical insurance info. I gave Dr. Coleman a set of Steps to Christ in Song as a little “thank you” for all the help she was to us already. Her last words to us were: “I know that it was not a coincidence that we met at the gas station today.” Now I’ll let Anna continue the story.

 -Peter Luchak

Her daughter took me to the hospital and arranged for an x-ray right away. After, she took me back to Dr. Coleman’s office to await the results. When I walked into her clinic waiting room, I noticed Steps to Christ was already playing on the TV. While we watched for a bit, they would say, “There you are!” whenever I appeared playing or singing. The x-rays showed that no bones were broken, but that my hand still needed a splint. So the doctor fixed me up with a cool camouflage one. On top of that, she asked her daughter to drive me 20 miles up to the mountain ridge where we were filming. Just before I left, she told me that her, her daughter, and her other office staff plan to attend our concert. This all really showed me that, even through injuries, God can work in amazing ways.

 -Anna Fink