Merry Christmas Lillooet!


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If you have attended one of our concerts lately, you have likely heard, at some point, how our productions are great tools for sharing your faith with friends, family and coworkers.

In December, Fountainview staff and students along with the Lillooet SDA Church members decided to follow our own advice.  Over 4 consecutive Sabbaths, staff families, students and church members braved the cold, sometimes snowy, weather to give the gift of a Joy to the Word DVD to every home in our local town of Lillooet, BC.  When all was said and done, over 1,400 DVDs had been given out, along with an invitation to make a donation to the local food bank, and a card encouraging them to visit our Fountain of Music website where they could find out more about us and sign up to become a “Friend of Fountainview”.

Sometimes we were greeted with somewhat of a cold reception, but once we mentioned the free Christmas DVD, it was as if a wall was broken down.  Some people couldn’t believe that they were receiving something for free, with “no strings attached”.  This effort also resulted in over 350 people attending our local Christmas concert, where in years past those numbers were closer to 120.

It was a great blessing for students, staff, and church members to meet our local townsfolk door to door, and have the opportunity do make a positive impact on the people of Lillooet.